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Plus Size Polo Shirts: Half Formal & Half Casual

Plus size polo shirts – top piece with collar is needed when we are about to attend half formal or half casual event. Polo shirt somehow becomes the only answer to this. It is collared, that is why you can wear such type of clothes when you are about to attend formal occasion.

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Half formal and half casual with plus size polo shirts

Half formal occasion such as college time takes you to get a perfect outfit to light up your days while in campus. But, at the same time, you just need something like T shirts to make you stay comfortable in long hours. Light yellow Tunic Length Generous Fit Polo is one of the recommended polo shirts for you. This comes to you with the usual classic design from Woman Within.

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This kind of shirt is appropriate for those women who are plus size. It is because it gives them plenty space to move and also it is casual and formal at the same time. V neckline with buttons creates formal accent. You can unzip the button so you can feel the air. The length of this one polo shirt hits your hip. It is approximately 30” in length. This can make you feel even more comfortable in it.

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Polo Short Sleeve T-Shirt is another polo shirt from Woman Within. The design of both polo shirts is almost the same. The difference is seen from the sleeves. While the first one’s sleeves are a bit longer with trimming, this second one is shorter. For the length, while the previous one is 30 inches, this one is 28 inches.

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These two polo shirts from Woman Within are such a perfect match for jeans pants. It is really aimed for you who are loving freedom. With these two plus size polo shirts, sporty, formal and casual are the look that all you can achieve. You are then ready for both formal and casual occasion. Ribbed collar just what makes you possible to do that. Polo shirts are just all the way comfortable after all.

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